Homepage | Edited August 2021

WIP My favourite software


Web Browsers

LibreWolf - Web Browser. Firefox with mostly sane defaults, history completely disabled by default
Ungoogled Chromium - Web Browser. Chromium without Google components. Use this for downloading addons from the Chrome store

qimgv - Image Viewer
FreeTube - Youtube viewer. Uses electron
DoomRunner - GZDoom launcher

Open Source games

Xonotic - Arena shooter. modern graphics
Sauerbraten - Arena shooter. classic graphics
Freedoom I & II - Doom with free levels, graphics and music


scoop - Command line software installer. downloads portable versions of software and adds it to the start menu
chocolately - Command line software installer. downloads install versions of software. Install versions are need to show up in Windows "Default apps"
Dopamine v2 - Music player. v3 uses electron and is multiplatform
GloSC - Tool for using the any Steam compatable controller as systemwide XInput controller alongside a global overlay
SwiftSearch - global storage search
Cmder - Terminal
AltDrag - Move Windows with alt + mouse drag
SuperF4 - Force close focused process


Foxy F-Droid - F-Droid client. F-Droid is a catalogue for Free and Open Source Android Software
Mull Browser -