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My personal Artix linux after-install setup guide

GNOME Night Light doesn't work on Artix

Mostly written for myself if I want to remember how to set up another install. Looking for an easy non-bloated Arch install? check out my RebornOS guide (Arch installer distro)

Guide is using the GNOME testing ISO

  1. Install Artix with desktop enviorment ISO
  2. The ISO installer has a dumb weak password restriction, change it to anything after installation with passw and sudo passw
  3. If using the GNOME-testing OpenRC ISO, remove phodav gnome-logs spice-gtk to prevent conflictions when upgrading the system
  4. Optionally remove *-extra packages. I.E. GNOME-extra, xfce4-goodies
  5. Uninstall Leafpad and Midori
  6. Upgrade system and reboot
  7. Enable AUR and AUR updates for pamac (aka Add/Remove Software) in the hamburger > preferences menu
  8. Install base-devel from AUR for building AUR packages
  9. Install archlinux-appstream-data-pamac for working categories in Pamac
  10. Install artix-archlinux-support for Arch packages
  11. Setup the Universe repo for more precompiled AUR packages (Librewolf) https://wiki.artixlinux.org/Main/Repositories
  12. Setup Chaotic-AUR for many precompiled AUR packages
  13. sudo gedit /etc/pacman.conf to edit pacman.conf
  14. Open Qt5 Configuration Tool and set style to Fusion, dark theme will turn to white on next launch of the tool

Find software to install at my software page.